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Purple Lotus Yoga Teacher Training at Longview Yoga Studio

This in-depth training and coaching program offers you a structured environment for transitioning into the rewarding role of teacher while continuing to live your life off the mat (work, kids, family).

You’ll learn the mechanics of hatha yoga (the most practiced form of yoga in the West) while developing the skills and confidence necessary to teach. This is an extensive program providing more than 200 hours in instruction & practical experience. Gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to impact your students on every level.

All of Purple Lotus Yoga programs combine mind-body lectures, yoga classes, group activities, coaching sessions, and other self-enhancement exercises to deepen your understanding and knowledge of yoga and your self. Our curriculum includes, but is not limited to:

*Hatha Yoga Essentials & Techniques: Deepen your own understanding while learning how to teach these essentials to others.*

- Breakdown of 50 beginning to intermediate asanas including alignment and modifications in the five main categories of poses–standing, seated, prone, supine and inversion. Includes lecture, demonstration, personal exploration and outside homework.
- Basic breathing techniques and pranayama (they ARE different) as well as the physiological, mental and emotional benefits of four key breathing practices.
- Meditation is the art of stillness and quiet. Learn about the benefits and various methods for meditation including relaxation, guided imagery, and mantras.

*Methods of a Teacher: Learn teaching techniques culminated from a decade+ of experience (and mistakes).*

- Structure & sequence a beginner to intermediate level class. Learn the four sections of class and the tips for creating a logical flow of postures.
- Learn tools of the trade and how to mix & match to create a unique class experience every time
- Ethics and the teacher’s role in a group class environment.

*Yogic Philosophy: Study the rich and ancient history of this self-realization practice.*

- Basic history, including the key teachers who had the biggest impact on how we practice yoga today.
- Basic philosophy including the eight limbs and six major forms of yoga. Analyze and interpret the Yoga Sutras, and study how this ancient system is still applicable in the modern world.
- Evolution of yoga from a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual perspective, and how it grows to become a way of life, not just a set of postures.

*Yoga Anatomy & Physiology: Study the physical and energetic anatomy of the human body.*

- The 12 major systems of the body, their functions and how yoga impacts each one, providing physiological reasons and benefits.
- The Eastern tradition of chakras, the seven major energy centers of the body.

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*2020 Session Dates
January 11-12
February 8-9
March 28-29
April 18-19
May 16-17
June 27-28

Investment & Fine Print

- $300 Non-refundable deposit due now
- $2000 Tuition if paid in full by December 15th
- $2400 If paid in monthly installments of $400

Deposit must be received to be considered enrolled in training. Approximate cost for books is $150. These will be great additions to your
personal and professional library.


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