Retreat: Enter the Mystery

Enter the Mystery is a three day soul journey to explore the divine
feminine through meditation, movement, and mindful creative expression with
Karen Bonds and Sherri Allen. Empower and transform yourself with fiery
compassion, emotional healing, and unbridled femininity at the Ancient Yoga
Center on the beautiful grounds Radha Madhav Dham just outside of Austin,
Texas. Women of all ages are welcome whether you’re a beginner at yoga or a
regular meditator, or a seeker, this intentional gathering of women is for
you. You will leave in more touch with your intuition, restfully restored,
and more fully equipped to stand in your truth.

What to expect?

Sankalpa (intention)- connect to the feminine energy of intuition

Kriya (action)- ritual, yoga, meditation, and sacred crafting,

Sangha (community)- women's circles and fellowship over delicious and
lovingly prepared food.

Join us and connect to your roots through the nurturing and mysterious
power of sisterhood!


About Sherri…

I am a successful business leader and an avid yoga and meditation
practitioner. I am passionate about sharing my love of yoga and mindfulness
practices with others because they have helped me, more than anything else, find my
voice as a woman in leadership. Yoga and meditation taught me to slow down
and listen deeply to my own intuition but they didn’t provide something that
all us need at a soul level – sisterhood and connection. I found that when
I found my first women's circle. Circles are a space to be seen, heard,
understood and connect to our feminine wisdom. I’m a Wild Woman Project
Circle Leader and a graduate of Sianna Sherman’s Urban Priestess Mystery

About Karen…

I own and teach at Longview Yoga Studio. I love providing sacred space for
the community at my studio and specifically sacred space for women. I teach
yoga, movement, and meditative practices to men and women but women are my
passion. I desire to help all women more fully know themselves by engaging
in practices that heal the past and liberate them from the cycle of
self-limiting beliefs into fully embodied goddesses with great spiritual
power. I am a graduate of Sianna Sherman’s Urban Priestess Mystery School
and as an E-RYT200 I have taught over 3000 classes.


About the Location...

The retreat will be held on the grounds of the beautiful Radha Madhav Dham
at the Ancient Yoga Center. The Ancient Yoga center is lovely and spacious.
Our group will be meet on the second floor and our meals served downstairs.
400 Barsana Road
Austin, TX 78737

February 27th – March 1st
Arrive on Thursday 2-4 pm
Depart on Sunday 12-2 pm


You may choose a private room or choose to share. Accommodations at our
past retreats required us to share. It is nice to have the option if you
feel strongly about privacy but sharing is encouraged. I believe our close
accommodations in past retreats helped fuel the strong bond we achieve over
the course of the weekend.
Suggested Items:
• Walking shoes for outside. There are many trails.
• Earplugs
• Flashlight
• Indoor shoes or house slippers---outside shoes may not be worn inside any
of the buildings
• Water bottle—Reverse Osmosis water is available at the AYC and the Ashram
• Hair dryer if you need one.
The Radha Madhav Dham is a Sacred Space and Land
• Smoking, illegal drugs, alcohol and non-vegetarian food (including eggs)
is prohibited
• Outside shoes may not be worn inside
• Entry or swimming in any ponds, creeks, pools or fountains is prohibited
• Modest clothing should be worn when moving around the grounds. Shoulders,
chest and legs should be covered. When you are in the Ancient Yoga Center
these rules do not apply.
• Candles and incense may not be burned in the rooms
• Enter only the areas designated for our retreat. Other groups may be on
the grounds at the same time.
• Quiet time –before 6 am and after 10 pm

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